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Solid Tech Face Mask, Jet Black
Jackie C.
Save the environment with comfort and style

Initially I worry if we could still wear Enro outdoor when summer comes, but it turns out fine. Breathing is easy even when running with kids in the playground.

Good Vibes Tech Face Mask, Scallop Rainbow
Sik Y.W.
Excellent Masks

I really like these masks. Great fit, very comfy, and breathable. And the designs are awesome. My children love these masks too. They are happy that their masks are reusable ones. So no more boring, disposable masks that create enormous waste and threats to our planet :)

ABSTRK x Wynwood Walls Tech Face Mask, AB21


Active Tech Face Mask, Black
THE mask of the year

I went to a part of the country where mask wearing was mandated and I just knew I really wanted to breathe. I loved the fact that there were so many size options with Enro, and they honestly are more breathable. After I ordered 2 I only waited a week and ordered 3 more. I love these masks! I told several friends about them, and then they ordered some as well. These masks speak for themselves....once you try them, you will be convinced.

Active Tech Face Mask, Black
Best mask for fit, comfort, and breathing

I have continued to try new masks that are very comfortable to wear and these are the best. The fact that you can select from so many different sizes is perfect. Mask does not fall down your face like you see so many others do. Adjustable ears and nose clip make them fit perfectly. Glasses do not fog either.
So many colors to choose from too. Highly recommend this mask to all.

Solid Tech Face Mask, Jet Black
Enro changed my family’s lives!

I was thinking that there had to be a better option for masking, so I began researching reviews for masks companies by medical professionals on YouTube. This mask got great reviews for fit, protection, breathability. It’s all that and then some! It’s a soft material that is nicely designed to sweep down on the cheeks, but with the generous bar to seal the bridge of the nose as well as the seam to hold it away from your face, my glasses do not fog up and I can breathe. If I take a deep breath in the mask will move towards my face, which tells me it’s working to filter and seal out outside air. It is treated with an anti-viral product too. We love these masks!

In Bloom Tech Face Mask, Blue & Pink
Super comfortable

Wore these for 12 hours outside on a hot Orlando day and didn’t even notice I had them on! Highly recommend!

Tie Dye Tech Face Mask, Dark Blue
Tie dyed mask blue only

The blue tie dye mask is the best color (only color worth getting in my opinion) and of course the mask it’s self awesome. So breathable and a perfect fit. Size Adult small

In Bloom Tech Face Mask, Blue & Pink
Breathable & Attractive!

I purchased one of these masks for myself to try out. It immediately became my favorite mask. It fits perfectly - I think that measuring in order to select the correct size is a game changer! I then measured my husband and 3 kids and ordered each of them 2 masks and myself a 2nd one. Each member of my family tried out their masks individually. They all said the same thing - this breathes so well! My husband has a big head (LOL), glasses and a beard - so he's always struggling. he said this was by far the best mask for him. B/c of the beard, I went up one size b/c he was just at the top of the Medium. I'm so glad Instagram marketed this to me!

Camo Tech Face Mask, Black
perfect fit

We all love these masks. They don't fog when wearing sunglasses!

In Bloom Tech Face Mask, Pink Sakura

I have finally found the masks that are perfect in every way! Design, fit, wearability, and style! And the elastic does NOT hurt my ears - I hardly know it’s there! Thank You, Enro!

Active Tech Face Mask, Black

I hate masks. They chafe my skin...but not these! They are wearable...even for 8 hours or more! The adjustable ear loops are comfortable and not itchy. Thank you for making a safe and comfortable mask.

Go Wild Tech Face Mask, Leopard
Lightweight, breathable, and fits well!

I ordered 1 just to see if I’d like it, and I do! I like how lightweight it is while still keeping its form. The structure keeps it pretty breathable even through the filter (love that extra layer sewn in there!). The elastic used is round, soft, and super stretchy but not cheap. It’s more comfortable than flat elastic or fabric for sure. It’s easily adjustable and also comfortable and easy to pull down around your chin when you have to. I’ll definitely be ordering a few more. I’d only been wearing masks from one company I found worked best for me - now I’ve found another! Sorry for the bad pic, I had to zoom in on myself 😷

Cozy Tech Face Mask, Dark Gray
Great Fit, Very Comfortable

Mask feels very comfortable and breathable, and fits well around my face. Pretty minimal glasses fogging, to boot! I only wish that the middle seam was a little curved at the nose instead of at a sharp angle, so my profile angle doesn't look as much like a bird beak.

Solid Tech Face Mask, Jet Black
Best Mask Ever!

I have tried so many masks and the Enro is the best I have found. Lightweight, very protective with great coverage, comfortable to wear, breathable! I have to have a mask on for long periods inside and I love this one! Highly recommended! I got the dusty blue which works great for me but there are so many colors to choose from! Ordering more now!

Cozy Tech Face Mask, Dark Gray
quality comfortable mask

The Enro mask fits the best of all the styles I have tried. It is light weight, covering the face comfortably without the gaps of some others. The nose wire helps with glasses fogging and the chin piece fits under and prevents gapping there. Very satisfied and will purchase more as time goes on.

Solid Tech Face Mask, Jet Black
Best. Mask. Ever.

This is, hands down, the best mask I have purchased by a mile (and I have bought a LOT of masks)! I have been in search of THE perfect mask since this whole thing started and I have finally found it🙌🏻🙌🏻! I usually only write reviews if I love something and, even then, they are usually the generic "it's great!" or "Love it!". But this mask is so good it deserves the longest, praising review I have ever written. The light weight material really is LIGHT WEIGHT! The filter is sewn in to the layer inside so no more eating the inner pocket of the mask when I talk, or breath🙌🏻. It rides high on the bridge of the nose with an adjustable nose wire sewn in so my glasses don't fog up very much, if at all. It doesn't hurt my ears!!! It's washable! What else.....OH! And it arrived with in 4 days! 4 DAYS!!!! And I live in Hawaii so if you live on the mainland it may come even faster!! I can not say enough positive things about this mask. It is so comfortable and breathable I actually forgot I had it on (seriously). I am an essential worker and need a mask at least 8 hours a day. Normally I can't wait to get a mask off my face just so I can breath, but this? THIS!? What is this sorcery?? 8 hours and I barely notice it's on my face🙌🏻. I wore my Enro mask for one day and already bought another. I am about to buy one in every color so you better hurry up and get yours before I buy them all!!! Thank you Enro for making a mask that delivers exactly what it says it will. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Active Tech Face Mask, Black
Best mask ever!!!

If you want to breathe, this is the mask for you. I’ve worn it to gym and around town. Glasses don’t fog and it stays out. It doesn’t get soggy during my workout. I ordered more so my husband and I each have 3!!

Active Tech Face Mask, Black
FINALLY—a perfect fit for small noses!

I have purchased about 5 different masks styles from different vendors and each one didn't provide proper low bridge nose support. In other words, I have a really small nose. The masks would always come too close to my face and I would feel like I was breathing in my own mask. And as another caveat my glasses would fog up! I even started printing 3D mask inserts to help create an internal air pocket, but to no avail as these were uncomfortable and also not practical. The Enro mask was the ONLY cloth mask that is stitched in a unique way around the nose that allowed for the best fit and breathing room for my little nose. And my glasses don't even fog up anymore! They're also perfect for my active occasions and as a bonus they even look stylish! Thanks Enro for making the best mask for my face and because of that—my mask shopping stays with you guys! :-D

Camo Tech Face Mask, Black
Love this mask

I will be ordering more!

Solid Tech Face Mask, Jet Black
Very lightweight and still high-quality filter

What I like the most about this mask is how light it is. So much better than any other fabric ones I tried, even fairly tech and expensive ones. It's also very well fitted under your chin and around your nose. The bendable metal piece on top of the nose is sewed on each side so it doesn't slide left and right. All extremely good quality. The best mask I found so far. I just bought just one initially (to try), and then five more for my family. I'm a petite woman and the best fit for me was a size S. My husband wears a M. I'd say the M would fit most people. I occasionally wear my husband's (when I forget mine), and it's OK but it's not as comfy as the S (the M rises a bit too high under my eyes, and has a little gap at the chin for me - not for him). So I'd say, if you don't find the mask fitted enough, try one size down. Once you find your right size, you'll love it!

Go Wild Face Mask - Tech

The best mask

This is my third batch order.

Solid Face Mask - Curv

Solid Face Mask - Curv
Unexpected delay in delivery

You confirmed your order on 9th Dec 2022 and said that it would take 2-4 days. I expected to receive them and could use them in a function on Sunday 18th Dec 2022. Quite to my disappointment, it did not arrive and I had to go without your very nice mask on Sunday 8th December. I think it finally arrived 3 or 4 days after 18th of December.